New Ideas

We want to get the second Frankie and Dolly book started. It will follow a similar format to the first book – there will be a back story about Frankie and Dolly, and one or both of them will hear about an appropriate episode from the early chapters of Genesis. If anyone has suggestions for either the back story or front theme or both, then please let us know! Your contribution will be acknowledged.


Nearly sold out!

The first printing of Frankie’s School Day is nearly sold out! But don’t worry – more will be printed! Get your copy today!

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“Frankie’s School Day” is published by J6D Publications. They now have their own shop, which can be found at

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An accessible book

“Frankie’s School Day” is the first book that AiG has published which uses the Sassoon Primary font. This font was especially designed to aid readability by primary school children who have challenges with reading – such as dyslexia and other reading conditions. So this book has a greater chance of being accessible to a larger number of children than many other similar children’s books.

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Copies of Frankie’s School Day are now available to purchase from Make sure you are on the “United Kingdom” version of the site.

Frankie’s School Day – available now!

Frankie in BedThe exciting news is that the first book in the Frankie and Dolly series – Frankie’s School Day – is available to buy now! Visit the Answers in Genesis website for further details – don’t forget to change the country of origin from United States to United Kingdom.

Frankie’s School Day

Frankie's School Day

Frankie’s School Day is the first of what we hope will be a large series of books, featuring Frankie and Dolly, the lovable dinosaurs.

It is Frankie’s first day at school, but he is frightened, because his sister, Dolly, has told him all sorts of lies about how nasty school is. As Mum comforts him, and speaks to Dolly, she tells them both the account of Cain and Abel.

Other books in the series will tackle other issues to do with creation and evolution, with interesting and exciting background stories.